Livres de cuisine anglaise

Livres de Cuisine Anglaise


The Vision of Piers Plowman
William Langland (1390)

The Forme of Cury
Chief Master-Cook of King Richard II (1390)

Liber cure cocorum

Two 15th Century Cookbooks

A Noble boke off cookry ffor a prynce houssolde or eny other estately houssolde

A Proper newe Booke of Cokerye

A book of cookrye. Very necessary for all such as delight therin.

The Good Huswifes Handmaide for the Kitchin
The Good Huswifes Jewel
Thomas Dawson  (1594, 1596)

Great Herball, or General Histoire of Plantes
John Gerard (1597)

The Arte of Preserving Conserving, Candying &c
Hugh Plat (1609)

Countrey Contentments / The English Hus-wife
Gervase Markham  (1615)

A New Booke of Cookerie
A Daily Exercise for Ladies and Gentlewomen
Two Books of Cookerie and Carving
John Murrell (1617)

A True Gentlewomans Delight

The Cooks Guide: Rare Receipts for Cookery

Archimagirus anglo-gallicus

The Accomplisht Cook
Robert May (1660)

The whole Body of Cookery Dissected
William Rabisha (1661)

The Closet Of Sir Kenelm Digby Knight, Opened

The English and French Cook

The Whole Duty of a Woman: or a Guide to the Female Sex
Lady Mary Cressy (1696)

Acetaria: A Discourse of Sallets
John Evelyn (1699)

England’s newest way in Cookery
Henry Howard (1703)

Mrs. Mary Eales’s receipts
Mary Eales (1718)

Court cookery: or, The compleat English cook
Robert Smith (1725)

The Country Housewife and Lady’s Director
Prof. R Bradley (1728)

The Complete family-piece and country gentleman and farmer’s best guide (1747)

English Housewifry
Elizabeth Moxon (1764)

The Art of Cookery, Made Plain and Easy
Hannah Glasse (1747)

New and easy method of cookery
Elizabeth Cleland (1755)

he lady’s assistant for regulating and supplying her table
Charlotte Mason (1777)

The experienced English housekeeper
Elizabeth Raffald  (1769)

The English Art of Cookery
Richard Briggs (1788)

The Complete Confectioner
Frederick Nutt  (1789)

The Art of Cookery Made Easy and Refined
John Mollard (1802)

A New System Of Domestic Cookery
Eliza Ketelby Rundell (1807)

The London art of cookery and domestic housekeeper’s complete assistant’
John Farley (1811)

Modern domestic cookery, and useful receipt book
Elizabeth Hammond (1819)

A modern system of domestic cookery, or, The housekeeper’s guide
M Radcliffe (1822)

The Cook and Housekeeper’s Dictionary
Mary Eaton (1822)

Suffolk words and phrases
Edward Moor  (1823)

he cook and housewife’s Manual
Christian Isobel Johnstone (1828)

The practice of cookery
Mrs. Dalgairns (1830)

The Cook’s Oracle
William Kitchiner (1830)

The Practical Cook, English and Foreign
Joseph Bregion, and Anne Miller (1847)

Modern cookery for Private Families (1845)
The English Bread Book(1857)
Eliza Acton

The Whole Art of Curing, Pickling and Smoking Meat and Fish
James Robinson (1847)

A Shilling Cookery for The People (1845)
The Gastronomic Regenerator: (1847)
The Modern Housewife (1850)
Alexis Soyer

The Modern Cook (1846)
A Plain Cookery Book for the Working Classes (1852)
The Cook’s Guide, and Housekeeper’s & Butler’s Assistant: A Practical Treatise on English and Foreign Cookery (1867)
Charles Elme Francatelli

The Frugal Cook
E. Carter (1851)

An encyclopædia of domestic economy
Thomas Webster and Mrs William Parkes (1852)

A Dictionary of obsolete and provincial English
Thomas Wright (1857)

The English Cookery Book
JH Walsh (1859)

he Book of Household Management (1861)
Mrs. Beeton’s Dictionary of Every-day Cookery (1865)
Isabella Beeton

Old Cookery Books and Ancient Cuisine
William Carew Hazlitt (1902)

Guide to the Art of Modern Cookery
Auguste Escoffier (1903)

Reform Cookery Book (4th edition)
Mrs. Mill (1909)

Pot-luck / The British home cookery book
May (Clarissa Gillington) Byron (1914)

The Healthy Life Cook Book
Florence Daniel (1915)

Good Things in England
Florence White (1932)

Cookery Illustrated & Household Management
Elizabeth Craig (1936)

Food in England
Dorothy Hartley (1954)

English Recipes and Others
Sheila Hutchins (1967)

English Food
Jane Grigson (1974)

Traditional Foods of Britain
Laura Mason and Catherine Brown (2004)

Livres de recettes cuisine anglaise en français

La cuisine et pâtisserie anglaise  d’Alfred Suzanne

God save The cook de Julie Schwob

So British de Jamie Oliver à lire l’article chez Isa-Marie

Cookies, Muffins & Co Pascale Weeks

Scones sucrés & salés de Stephanie Bulteau

Les meilleures recettes from London Emmanuel Guian

Un tea time à Londres: Des villes et des recettes

Simply British de Penny Holmes

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